Mother with mental health difficulties able to keep children

Marie represented a Mother, who has mental health and alcohol misuse difficulties, in a case where final care orders were made in respect of her children several years ago. The children went into long-term foster care, as per the Care Plan, however within a few months they were re-habilitated to the Mother’s care. The family did very well for over two years but the Mother’s mental health relapsed due to a number of stressful life events.

The Local Authority gave the Mother notice of their intention to remove the children (the Care Order still being in place which would allow them to do this) and as a result the Mother made an application to discharge the Care Orders. The Mother’s mental health had re-stabilised, and she and the children were doing well.

The case was re-listed in front of the original Judge and the Local Authority agreed they would not seek to remove the children pending the final outcome of the proceedings.

A Case Management Hearing was listed and at that hearing directions were made for an updated psychiatric assessment of the Mother and hair strand testing. There will then be an IRH/Early final hearing for matters to be further considered or agreed by way of final orders if all has gone well.