Order for sale of matrimonial home, and costs paid

Sophie represented an applicant Husband in his application for an order of sale. The parties had previously been married, but following the relationship breakdown financial remedy proceedings had been initiated by the Husband.

The parties had reached agreement with regards to their finances and a consent order had been made approximately two years previously. The order set out that the former matrimonial home was to be placed on open market for sale. However, following the conclusion of the financial proceedings, the Wife had failed to engage with either the Husband’s solicitors or any of the estate agents instructed. Due to her failings, the Husband had brought the matter back to Court to obtain an order for sale.

Throughout proceedings, Sophie worked closely with the Husband’s solicitors, offering advice at each stage. When the matter first appeared before the Court, Sophie robustly presented her client’s case and ensured that the appropriate directions were made to bring the matter to a contested hearing.

As part of the order made, Sophie also secured a cost order against the Wife and successfully argued that such costs should be paid within 14 days notwithstanding the Wife’s argument that they should be paid following the sale of the former matrimonial home.