Previous Agreement in relation to finances

Louisa acted for the Wife who asserted that a binding agreement had been reached at the time she and her ex-husband had separated. The Husband sought to persuade the court that there had not been a concluded agreement and that the Wife should pay him an additional sum even though they had separated many years previously.

Whilst the Judge was not able to find that a concluded and binding agreement had been entered into by the parties at the date of separation he accepted the Wife’s arguments that an Order reflecting that agreement would be fair in all the circumstances of the case and the Husband did not effect any additional sums from the Wife.

“…..The quality of the initial advice given was excellent…..the reason I stopped having a solicitor was because of all the additional charges incurred….the benefit was you know at the outset how much its going to cost….I was extremely impressed with the way that Louisa Adamson performed in court…..”