Prohibited Steps Order preventing removal by estranged Father

Marie represented the Mother in this case where her ex-partner and the Father of their two children had (by his own choice) not had any contact for over seven years. At the children’s request, the Mother had contacted him to offer contact, and some contact took place until he refused to return them.

The Father made an application for a live with order and an order to spend time with the children. He made serious allegations about the Mother’s partner and the court.

An urgent application was made to court and the children were immediately returned. Safeguarding Checks were underway and a report was ordered to be carried out by Children’s Services. The Father was to have supervised contact in the meantime. A Prohibited Steps Order was also made to prevent him from removing the children again.

The Father then did not attend the next hearing, the FHDRA and effectively disappeared again.

The order for contact to Father was discharged and his CAO application dismissed. The direction for a report was discharged and a final order was made for the children to live with the Mother and a Prohibited Steps Order to prevent any further removals.