Protecting a Mother and children from a violent Father

Marie represented the Mother in a case where her former partner and the Father of the children had been convicted of serious domestic abuse against her.

The s.7 report recommended a risk assessment by Probation, as the Father was still on licence after his prison release. The assessment showed that he was a high risk to the Mother and medium risk to the children and the public. By the time of the final hearing he had committed further offences and had been recalled to prison. During the proceedings he had tested positive for cocaine and excessive alcohol use.

At the final hearing the Court made an order that the Father should have no contact with the children, a Prohibited Steps Order that the Father does not remove the children from the Mother’s care, and a s.91(14) Order that the Father cannot make another Children Act application without the leave of the Court. That leave would only be granted if he showed six months’ clean drug tests and had not committed any further offences for a period of one year.