Protecting a Mother and child from an abusively litigious Father

Sandria acted for the Mother where the Father was seeking to re-establish contact with his child and have a non-molestation order discharged. The Father had refused to communicate or engage with the Court, or to comply with court orders, and continued to send abusive messages to the Court, the Judge and a number of family members, as well as making unfounded allegations of the Mother’s Solicitor.

With the Father consistently arguing for his ‘rights’ whilst refusing to engage with the court process – or to acknowledge that his refusal to engage would affect his application – Sandria needed to ensure that all the correct procedures, and her duties in relation to dealing with a litigant in person were carried out meticulously.

An order was made for no direct contact between Father and child, and the non-molestation order (which included no direct contact with Mother and/or child) extended for a further year. Sandria’s client described her as ‘brilliant – a legend!’