Protecting a mother and children from abuse and coercive behaviour

Sandria acted for a Mother in a two-day fact finding where there were seven allegations including physical chastisement and intimidation of the children, and controlling and manipulative behaviour of the Mother, particularly sexual and financial, and threats to kill.

With the Mother in a vulnerable state, Sandria was able to prevent the Father, who acted as litigant in person, from cross-examining her client in Court, ensuring that all his questions were directed through the Court Clerk. The Father, although having a fairly good command of the English language, had the use of an interpreter, so Sandria, whilst her first concern was for her client, had to be very careful to ensure that he fully understood all the court procedures.

Sandria’s representation was successful, with findings that all seven allegations had been made out. Following this, she organised an s7 Report and there will be a further hearing to establish whether it is safe for the Father to have any contact with the children, and to ensure that Mother and children remain protected from abuse in the form of further controlling and coercive behaviour.