Recovering sizeable unpaid debts for an Auction House

Sophie represented an Auction House in a contract dispute arising out of sales totalling around £13,000. The facts of the case involved an individual bidding on a number of lots at auction, subsequently failing to pay and then a factual dispute arising out of who was liable for the balance owing. Both the original bidder and his business partner were identified as defendants and listed as parties to the proceedings.

During the fast-track trial, Sophie led witnesses through extensive paperwork and documents to examine the principal and agent relationship that existed between the two other parties. Sophie was able to familiarise herself with a complex set of facts and ensure that at trial, submissions were made to ensure that her client obtained the most economically beneficial outcome.

The Auction House was successful in their claim with the Court finding both defendants jointly and severally liable. Sophie’s client recovered a higher rate of interest than normally permissible by the Court, in accordance with their terms of business, and was awarded costs.