Representing a Father who is also a Stepfather

Michael represented the Father of the younger of two children. There are two young children involved in this matter, with separate fathers. Michael’s client lives with the Mother of both children and has always also looked after the older child as his own. The older child does now see his biological father, who is also a party to the proceedings.

The children have been known to specialist children’s services for much of their young lives regarding concerns about poor home conditions, their emotional well-being, verbally aggressive carers and domestic abuse.

Care proceedings were issued and the children were placed in the care of a relative under a Special Guardianship Order in 2014 but sadly this placement broke down because the children suffered further emotional harm and neglect whilst in that relative’s care.

Further care proceedings have been issued and the children have been placed together in foster care. There are ongoing concerns about the parents’ ability to look after the children and the further involvement of the relative. These concerns remain about neglect, domestic abuse, anger management, alcohol use and ongoing emotional harm to the children.