Representing a Mother in a SGO application involving grandparents

Sandria represented a Mother who was in agreement for an SGO being made for her three children, one child being placed with their maternal grandmother (which was not in dispute) and two children being placed with their paternal grandfather (which was in dispute by the Local Authority, who sought for a placement application and, by definition, an adoption placement.)

Given that the placement was fully supported by the Mother, and the paternal grandparents were acting in person, Sandria was required to put forward the case on behalf of the grandfather (and his partner) in relation to cross examining the Social Worker and the Independent Social Worker who had carried out assessments which were negative. The Children’s Guardian supported the making of an SGO.

After in depth cross examination, which demonstrated a lessening of identified vulnerabilities within the placement, and areas of strength which had been overlooked or underplayed, the Local Authority eventually capitulated, and at the end of the hearing supported the SGO.

The case required the leave of the Judge to quasi represent the grandparents, as the Mother supported the placement.