Representing a Mother seeking to have child returned to her care

Marie represented a Mother who had, some years ago, left an extremely violent relationship with the Father of the child. As a result of the mental health difficulties she experienced during the relationship and use of cannabis, the Father obtained a ‘live with’ order in the private law proceedings after they separated. The Mother’s allegations of abuse were ignored.

After a year of continuing contact with the child, the Father stopped the Mother’s contact. As a result of the threats she received (and further assaults) from him and his family she did not go back to Court to have her contact reinstated.

The Father started a relationship with a new partner and this too was extremely violent. The Local Authority removed all four children from their care and placed them in foster care.

The Mother was served with the papers and is now a party to those proceedings represented by Marie.

With Marie’s representation, the Mother seeks to have the child placed back in her care and is being assessed. Her sister is also being assessed as a carer for the child.