Representing a Father being excluded by the Local Authority

Sandria acted for the Father of two children in a case involving several children with different fathers.

At a Final Hearing, the children had been placed with the Mother under a supervision order, with Sandria’s client having supervised contact. After a few sessions, however, the Mother did not continue to facilitate contact. She has serious mental health difficulties, which meant the matter was brought back to Court.

Sandria’s client was being ignored by the Local Authority, and despite orders to the contrary they had failed to invite him to meetings and to inform him of the current position.

Sandria arranged for a risk assessment of her client to be carried out. She successfully argued that her client should be brought back into contact with his children, and that a full global psychological assessment should be carried out. This will now ensure that her client is included and a placement with him considered if the Mother is not considered suitable due to her mental health difficulties not being able to be managed in a suitable time frame.