Representing a vulnerable Mother and children

Sandria acted for a Mother in a case which encompassed domestic violence incidents between the parents, and the Father being arrested for involvement in a child sexual abuse ring. Both parents were very young, and the Mother was severely traumatised by the late night removal of her child.

There were trust issues, compounded by poor communication, between the parents and Social Services. Sandria’s supportive and understanding approach enabled her to work effectively with the Mother, and to help ensure a change of Social Worker. This led to her client being given a very positive assessment.

The parents continue to want to live and bring up their child together. For there to be a chance of this, there is a need for a full parenting assessment of both parents. Due to the lack of a good relationship and trust in Social Services Sandria recommended that an application should be made for an expert Independent Social Worker to carry this out.

The application was granted, and the case is ongoing awaiting the assessment.