Securing assets for an emotional wife

Ronald represented, on a direct public access basis, a wife who was having difficulty managing her emotions and accepting the end of the marriage despite the husband’s cohabitation with a new partner.

Whilst she wanted a significant proportion of assets that were in the children’s bank accounts to be ring-fenced, Ronald had to advise her that these assets would be taken into consideration.

This case made particular use of Ronald’s skill in managing his client in court, helping her to control her challenging emotions and keeping her focused on the strategy agreed in conference in order to achieve the best result for her. Through cross-examination Ronald was able to establish that the husband had wantonly dissipated matrimonial funds after the parties separated.

The court made an order for the former matrimonial home to be sold on the youngest child’s 18th birthday with a 70/30 split in the wife’s favour.

“…I am really impressed by how professional the contact has been on the telephone, by the bravery shown by Mr Edginton taking on such a case. He grasped all the information, and made me feel less scared…”