Securing damages and costs for a Claimant Landlord

Paul acted for the Claimant landlord in a claim for damages for disrepair and rent arrears at the termination of a commercial lease.

The Defendants/Tenant had failed to engage in the pre-action process or the claim resulting in judgment in default and the matter being listed for assessment of damages.

The Defendants failed to engage with the court process but attended at the hearing, having been served with the Claimant’s evidence of the disrepair (dilapidations), rent arrears, etc. and costs, but having not provided any evidence to challenge the Claimant’s evidence.

The District Judge heard (brief) submissions on the claim for damages, etc. and gave judgment for the Claimant in the sum of £53,300 for dilapidations, £38,000 for rent arrears, £6,000 for associated damages, £1,000 interest and £19,500 costs.

As a result of the Defendants’ failure to engage with the process they were found liable for the whole of the Claimant’s claim for damages of over £98,000 together with costs of nearly £20,000.