Securing the family home and costs for a Wife

Dean represented the Wife in financial remedy proceedings involving assets including the family home, an investment property and pension provision.

The Husband had not contributed to the family home or the child of the family since separation which had resulted in the Wife reducing the mortgage by £20,000. The Wife had also agreed for the Husband to receive a payment of £40,000 from the proceeds of sale of the investment property over a year before the final hearing.

The Wife sought the transfer of the family home into her sole name plus sufficient funds to clear her credit card debts leaving the Husband with the remainder of the proceeds of sale of the investment property. The Husband sought the sale of the family home. Following final hearing the Judge agreed that the Wife should receive the full benefit of the mortgage reduction and that the £40,000 already received by the Husband should be taken into account.

As such the Wife was awarded the family home plus the sums required to clear her credit card debt. The Wife was also successful in her application for costs accrued since the FDR due to the conduct of the Husband.