Special Guardianship Order placing children within the extended family

Sandria acted at Final Hearing, representing an aunt and uncle. The Mother’s two children had been removed from her care, and viability assessments had indicated that a placement with Sandria’s clients was possible for one child. The Final Hearing was to finalise placements, both of which were uncontested by the Mother.

Sandria represented the maternal uncle and aunt in the hearing for a Special Guardianship Order, advising and assisting with ensuring that essential details were in place before the making of a Final Order.

As a result, she successfully negotiated a review of the financial provision should the income of the family change within a short period. Importantly she also negotiated all contact arrangements, between the mother, and with the other sibling who is also in a family placement. Further counselling options for the child in question were also put in place.

Sandria’s representation demonstrated the value for those applying for a Special Guardianship Order to have legal representation at a Final Hearing to ensure that both financial assistance is secured and also to ensure that contact arrangements can be managed without difficulty, and to ensure ongoing support where necessary, particularly in relation to future support which may be needed for the child.