Successful Claim against Builder for Return of Money

Rachel’s client had paid over £10,000 to a builder for work to be done on her property. Due to a breakdown in the working relationship the builder had left the site and taken his workmen with him, and Rachel’s client sought damages from the builder for work done either incorrectly or not at all.

The claim also included an argument of unjust enrichment as the client had made a bank transfer to the builder in error which he then refused to return.

The evidence before the court included expert evidence and a large amount of technical detail which Rachel was required to understand in order to be able to cross-examine the builder.

Rachel provided initial written advice, was then successful in getting the builder’s counterclaim struck out and subsequently achieved a very successful outcome for her client at a fully contested trial. Her client was thrilled with the outcome of the hearing and at the way in which Rachel had shown her command of the facts and technical detail involved.