Supporting a Father in application for placement

Sandria acted for the Second Father, in a case involving four children, two by one Father and two by her client.

The Mother was involved with a new partner, who has a record of drug abuse, and refused to separate.

All the children had been removed from the Mother and placed with other family members, with no contact with her. Sandria’s client’s children were provisionally placed with their paternal grandparents, who also raised the possibility that the Mother was pregnant again.

The Father sought placement of them with him and his partner, which a Parenting Assessment recommended. The Local Authority was also in support of this placement.

A Fact Finding/Welfare Hearing Final Hearing was listed, as the Mother’s partner had allegations of sexual abuse against him, and he was made an intervenor.

As the Local Authority were supporting a placement with Father and his partner, Sandria sought at IRH for the placement to become effective without delay, and for the Mother’s contact to be restricted.

The case is ongoing, with the Mother likely to wish to contest all current placements, although she is only seeking for the two younger children to be returned to her care.