Supporting a Father to reinstate contact with children

Sandria represented the Respondent Husband and Father in a case where the Wife had made ex-parte non-molestation application. Sandria’s client issued a statement refuting all allegations made by the Wife and containing his own allegations, and made a cross application for a non-molestation order.

His main concern was to reinstate his contact with his children which the Wife had arbitrarily ceased. A request had been made for contact to be reinstated, which the Wife had refused. She also refused an offer of cross undertakings.

The return hearing was only listed for 30 minutes. The Judge conjoined both applications and set the matter down for contested hearing, advising that there was no time to consider the issue of contact, and that a separate application would need to be made.

The case was complicated by difficulties with opposing Counsel initially refusing to draft an order, then drafting to include directions not given by Judge, and amending timescales beyond Judge’s clear direction.

Therefore, after considerable and unacceptable delay, Sandria drafted an order as per the Judge’s directions and referred the matter back to the Judge.