Supporting a Father to remain in a parent and baby foster placement

Michael acted for the Father where the Local Authority had applied for a care order in respect of his first child, who was a young baby when the proceedings were commenced.

The Mother had two other older children who had previously been removed from her care due to their failure to thrive, neglect of their physical, medical and emotional needs, lack of supervision and stimulation, attachments, social, presentation, dietary needs, home conditions, exposure to domestic abuse and concerns about mother’s cognitive functioning and the negative impact upon her parenting.

The Local Authority’s concerns related to the volatile relationship between the parents, their history of poor parenting, learning difficulties and the impact upon their parenting and in particular the mother’s lack of insight and lack of change since the previous proceedings.

The child was initially placed with both parents in a parent and baby foster placement but the parents’ relationship continued to be volatile. They separated, but neither was willing to leave the placement.

Following a hearing the court decided that the Mother should leave the placement whilst the Father remained in the placement with the child.

With ongoing proceedings, further directions were made for expert assessments of both parents to consider their cognitive functioning, capacity and need for intermediaries.