Supporting a Mother whose Husband is accused of sexual abuse

Marie represented a Mother in care proceedings in relation to her child, where a fact-finding hearing had already taken place. This hearing established that her Husband (the child’s stepFather) had seriously sexually abused his biological children, who were now adults.

The Mother had been living with her Husband and child as a family until the Local authority raised concerns about the Husband, as a result of the allegations of sexual abuse by his children. The child had been removed into foster care until the fact-finding hearing.

After the facts had been found the Mother separated from her Husband and an expert risk assessment was completed on her, recommending some educative work and therapy for her and her child and for the child to be returned.

The Local Authority and the Guardian oppose the return of the child because of concerns that the Mother is not in fact separated from her Husband, and the final hearing is pending.