Supporting a young Mother to avoid removal of her child

Kevin represented the young Mother of a child in care proceedings where there were concerns about low-level drug taking, domestic arguments between the parents and problems surrounding the Mother’s health.

During the life of the court proceedings, a support package was put together so that care for the child was shared between the parents and the child’s grandmother. On this basis, the court decided that the child should not be removed from the parents before the final hearing.

Kevin advised and supported the Mother through the court process, and the parents co-operated with the social worker. The Mother successfully completed a domestic violence awareness programme. In light of the improvements and the fact that the parents were co-operating, the local authority decided that at the final hearing, it would not apply for the child to be removed from the family. However, they did require a supervision order so as to monitor the situation for a period of six months.

On the day of the final hearing the advocates for each of the parents, for the grandmother and the Guardian for the child all agreed that there should not be a supervision order and that the court should simply make a shared ‘live with’ order.

On the day of the final hearing and in light of the parents’ ongoing progress and the opposition to a supervision order, the local authority agreed that a supervision order was neither necessary nor helpful.