Supporting a Father in a complex care case

Sandria acted for a Father of two children, the eldest of four who had been removed from the care of the Mother. The Mother had some mental health difficulties, and assessments were required as to how the four children could best be cared for. Initially, the Father of the youngest child had the child in his care under a CAO.

Sandria’s client was also assessed, but it was not considered appropriate for his children to be placed with him on a full-time basis.

In the meantime, the Mother sought and undertook some assistance with her mental health difficulties, which enabled consideration of return of the children to her care. After a period in foster care all four children, including the two of whom Sandria’s client was the father, were returned to the Mother’s care.

At the Final Hearing the main issue outstanding was what, and how, contact could be arranged for each of the Fathers of the children.

Despite Sandria’s client having had some serious findings against him in earlier proceedings, and a conviction for assaulting one child during some earlier contacts, with her support he was able to re-start contact arrangements. These would initially be supervised, but with the provision that, if successful, they will lead to a better and defined contact arrangement, to include overnights.

Sandria’s client was delighted with the outcome and extremely happy with the advice received.