Supporting a Mother with extreme learning difficulties

Christopher represented a Mother in complex child care proceedings with a very long history. His client had significant learning difficulties with a very low IQ, and also suffered depression and agoraphobia. For much of the proceedings she was unable to leave her home, and required the assistance of an advocate.

There had been a long history of neglect in respect of her child, with allegations that the Mother had failed to protect her child from a serious sexual assault by a paedophile.

The case involved Christopher in dealing with expert reports from a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist along with a PAMS parenting assessment, and representing his client at a final hearing which took place over 6 days. His client had enormous difficulties dealing with the case and required sensitive and careful handling.

Although, due to the Mother’s extreme difficulties, the inevitable outcome of this case was a Care Order for the child, Christopher’s sensitive and empathetic approach to working with his client helped her to engage as far as possible with the proceedings.