Supporting a Mother with very low self-esteem

Sandria represented a Mother in a case where the extremely acrimonious relationship between the parents involved social services carrying out s 7 and s 47 reports.

The Father had retained the child after contact, but after social services involvement the child was returned to the Mother’s care, with the Father having contact. There still remained outstanding difficulties and a high degree of contact.

Sandria’s client had demonstrated very low self-esteem, but had started to engage well with professionals. Sandria’s supported encouraged her to maintain this engagement, and make use of all support offered by them. She also recommended that she attended the Freedom Project, and encouraged her to seek employment to improve her self-esteem.

The matter was set for a Final Hearing. Although the Father did not attend, the Social Worker attended and gave a final recommendation.

Although Sandria was acting for the Respondent, and despite the Father’s lack of attendance, she was able to agree with the Judge to draft the order in the terms that she proposed on behalf of her client. This ensured that the Child Arrangements Order was drafted in terms that minimised face-to-face contact between the parents. The child remains living with the Mother under a Care Arrangements Order with contact outlined for the Father, and will remain on the CP Register for a short period.