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Becket Chambers’ Probate and Inheritance barristers welcome instructions in all types of probate cases, including those involving the Court of Protection, questions over the content or validity of a Will, or intestacy.


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Becket Chambers’ Probate and Inheritance barristers deal with all aspects of Probate and Inheritance and the Court of Protection, including appearing on behalf of Claimants/Applicants, Defendants/Respondents or third parties. Cases might involve questions over the content or validity of a Will, or circumstances where the deceased left no valid Will (intestacy).

Our Probate and Inheritance Barristers welcome instructions in all types of probate claims, whether contentious or non-contentious.

We also provide advice and support for applications to the court to deal with personal representatives and the administration of estates and applications under the 1975 Act for financial provision. We advise and represent executors and estates as well as beneficiaries or interested parties in contested inheritance cases.


Our Probate and Inheritance barristers have expertise in:

  • Cases of undue influence and fraud
  • Claims for removal of Executors and Trustees, and for breach of their duties
  • Claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975
  • Challenges to construction of Wills and Trusts
  • Constructive trusts and proprietary estoppel
  • Disputes over the validity of Wills
  • Issues of testamentary capacity

Becket Chambers’ barristers also have experience in dealing with Court of Protection cases This is where the Court has jurisdiction in matters relating to the property, affairs and personal welfare of persons who lack capacity within the meaning of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.


Undue influence and vulnerable persons


We also have specialist experience in cases involving applications for declarations and orders in respect of vulnerable persons and disputes in relation to attorneys, as well as Barristers with special interest in claims to set aside Wills for undue influence and lack of testamentary capacity.

These cases can be particularly distressing or contentious, and often intensely personal for those involved. Our barristers pride themselves on their supportive approach to helping their clients to resolve their issues.



Timescales for your case may vary depending on factors such as the type and complexity of the case, barristers’ availability, the need for additional documents, court availability and the level of engagement from the other party. However, as a guide, the more straightforward cases tend to have a hearing date listed within two to six months of being issued. Dependent on whether the parties engage in negotiations, the estimated timescale for the completion of a case may be increased.

Barristers in the Probate and Inheritance Team are also available on a Direct Access basis.


Probate and Inheritance Barristers

Our Civil Law barristers deal with all types of contentious or non-contentious matters relating to probate and inheritance and the Court of Protection.

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Clive Styles

1990 (Grays Inn)

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Paul Tapsell

1991 (Middle Temple)

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Christian Fox

2019 (Middle Temple)

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Nicole Jennings

2016 (Middle Temple)

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Allen Worwood

October 2019 (Inner Temple)


"You were amazing, thank you so much. You are seriously worth your weight in gold… I will definitely be using your services again."

Ms V Instructing Clive Styles through DPA scheme


"Lavinia was fantastic! The client was very happy and praised her approach. Please thank her again on my behalf & we will be sure to send her further work."

Miss M from solicitors instructing Lavinia Glover

"Nicole who represented me was really brilliant within the hearings so thank you for having her involved and having her return to do the hearings with me."

Client instructing Nicole Jennings through Solicitors

"Magdalena was very good. She was efficient, built up a good rapport with the client and communication was excellent. I would not hesitate to instruct her again."

Miss L from Solicitors instructing Magdalena Cass

"Sophie was so amazing yesterday, I was in awe of her brilliance!!! She slayed the other side, I felt like I was in the best hands possible."

Client instructing Sophie Gray through Solicitors