WEBINAR: Possession claims and how not to mess them up. – 10 September 2024, midday


27 June 2024

Helping gain possession of residential property can be a minefield.  Anyone who tells you possession claims never go wrong for them is either in denial or has never done one.  This webinar not only walks you through the process to help eradicate common issues but goes beyond to look at issues in tenancy agreements that give rise to problematic possession later on.

Who should attend

Property lawyers or dispute resolution lawyers involved in residential or commercial real estate


Christian Fox has developed a busy practice in property law and appears regularly in the County Court and the High Court. Before joining Becket Chambers, Christian was legal counsel at a boutique property management firm in central London, dealing with complex commercial and residential landlord and tenant disputes, including super-prime commercial rent review arbitrations and service charge disputes.

He regularly acts for either landlords or tenants in complex disputes and has expertise in breaches of lease, possession, unlawful eviction and service charge disputes in commercial and residential property.

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