“Looks to be an excellent result and the certainly the best that could have been achieved today……”

Mr D from Solicitors Instructing Edward Kenny – October 21

“You are extremely good and as you said I got to see what others normally don’t. I am very fortunate to have chosen you to represent me, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”

Ms S Instructing Edward Kenny through Solicitors – October 21

It was a very interesting Tribunal and I would also like to say how impressed I was with Christian Fox. He was extremely prepared and could not have provided better representation.

Solicitors Instructing Christian Fox – September 2021

From my client’s perspective – Sam, is an exceptional barrister. He built a natural rapport with the client and she was impressed with the way he handled the hearing and the Judge, she would highly recommend him.

From my perspective, Sam picked this case up at the very end of the matter and he did so with ease, he grasped all the relevant issues without difficulty, he was able to quickly build a rapport with the client and their trust. Sam as always was thoroughly prepared. I do not think I could have picked a better barrister for this matter and this client.

I could go on to say that he clearly has a natural ability and whilst putting his points across firmly to the court, he does so with respect and grace. Therefore he doesn’t antagonise the court. He has a presence and gravitas which belies his age.

Everyone just loves him.

Mrs G from Solicitors Instructing Samuel Davis – May 2021

As regards Lavinia Glover I thought she was outstanding on the day. She knew my case perfectly and had provided her own statement for court which was spot on. I would highly recommend her services and would not hesitate to use her services again myself if need be.

Ms K from Solicitors Instructing Lavinia Glover – July 2021

Thank you so so much !!! You’re a beast at your profession and its been so comforting to have you in my corner today. You’re like the cage fighter of law lol.

Once again, thank you ever so much John

Mr W from Solicitors Instructing John Nee – July 2021

Sam was amazing – he really had a full grasp of the matters at hand, and was very professional.  100% would use his services again, and have recommended him to others

Solicitor Instructing Samuel Davis – April 2021
Counsel was excellent on this case, had a very good grasp of the issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to instruct Lavinia again.
Solicitors Instructing Lavinia Glover – April 2021
I’m very happy with the level of service and professionalism I received from Jasraj. He answered all my questions and did a stellar job at court.
Solicitors Instructing Jasraj Sanghera – July 2021

Firstly I want to thank Sandria for how she dealt with the case and the client ,the advice and assistance was exemplary.

The client  was very pleased with how Sandria looked after his interests in particular at the recent final hearing.

I would no hesitation in instructing Sandria and chambers in the future as the service provided is consistently of a very high standard.

Solicitors Instructing Sandria Murkin – May 2021

Ed was fantastic. I cannot praise him enough. He was very professional and had a great sense of humour

Mrs W from Solicitors Instructing Edward Kenny – June 2021

Please could you also pass on my thanks to Gayle. She was very helpful and patient with dealing with XXXXX to achieve a final order. I was very nervous about the remote hearing, not having face to face contact with counsel. Gayle’s communication exceeded my expectations and put my mind at ease before during and after the hearing. I am very grateful for that.

Mrs P from Solicitors Instructing Gayle Ashley – June 2021

The client has emailed me over the weekend and has asked me to pass on to you both his appreciation for acting for him in this case. He is very happy with the outcome of these proceedings and wanted me to pass onto you his best wishes.

Solicitors Instructing Clive Styles – June 2021
Our clients were rather pessimistic about today and so to find an outcome is excellent news for them. Thanks again for all your help. Our clients said that you must be some sort of saint to manage these sort of situations.
Solicitors Instructing Paul Tapsell – April 2021

I really appreciate all of your hard work with this matter. You have gone ‘above and beyond’, the client is very grateful too.

Solicitor Instructing Gayle Ashley – July 2021

I wished to extend my very great thanks to Gayle for her overwhelming empathy, professionalism and time, over and above by far on this case which has this morning settled.

Solicitor Instructing Gayle Ashley – May 2021

I would like to say that I cannot express my gratitude enough to Gayle for all her help.


Gayle’s professionalism and patience were truly outstanding. She was so kind, compassionate, focused, respectful, and dedicated to my case and I felt she left no stone unturned. She acted with integrity, listened to my instructions, and worked so hard for the benefit of my son and me.


Although I was legally aided, this had no bearing on how Gayle dealt with my case, and I felt she cared about the outcome and always remained professional. She went above and beyond to get the best outcome for my son and myself.


Gayle’s profile on her chamber’s website stood out to me when I was selecting representation. I am so very thankful I chose Gayle to represent me. I would highly recommend her.

Mrs H from Solicitors Instructing Gayle Ashley – May 2021

Having been recommended various barristers over the years for my previous child acsess case and then my divorce I was apprenhensive to say the least.

Dean met me for the first time 30 mins before my case today in Bromley county court. Straight away in the interview room he put me at ease, actually asked me what I wanted and then helped me a negotiation to get my spousal maintenance order discharged.

Mr E from Solicitors instructing Dean Thistle – July 2021

Thank you Nicole.  Great work – the client is very, very happy. 

Mrs E from Solicitors Instructing Nicole Jennings – June 2021

Jane is the most brilliant barrister I have ever come across and this includes movies and all.

Her forensic abilities are beyond belief, honestly I am lost for words, she’s simply wonderful.

Mr I from Solicitors instructing Jane Carter – April 2021

The client has asked me to pass on her gratitude to Corey, for all his efforts on the case.  She is delighted with the outcome and that it was settled by consent in the end.  She found Corey to be very clear, and concise.

Mrs B from Solicitors Instructing Corey Mills – April 2021

Everything was in order as I would expect. Marie discussed matters with both me and Client before the remote hearing and it was evident that she was on top of her brief.

After the hearing I received a call from client to say that Marie had done brilliantly and that he was very happy with the service he has received.

Mr F from Solicitors Instructing Marie Crawford – April 2021

I wanted to let you know how pleased Mr G was with the outcome of the hearing yesterday.  He spoke very highly of Sam’s client care, professionalism and his advocacy skills and wanted me to pass on his sincerest thanks to Sam for yesterday.

Mr G from Solicitors instructing Samuel Davis – March 2021

Both Mrs H and I are very happy with the service provided by Miss Sophie Gray. We find her to be pleasant and helpful and very thorough.

Mrs H from Solicitors instructing Sophie Gray – March 2021

I’d like to thank Mr Fox for his help this week; he was particularly helpful, efficient, and made an excellent contrast to the aggression of the other party.

Mr C from Solicitors instructing Christian Fox – March 2021

Dean is great, I use him for pretty much anything that is contentious in family proceedings that I deal with.

Ms V from Solicitors instructing Dean Thistle – March 2021

Just to confirm that we were very pleased with Melanie’s representation for Ms T. She really did go above & beyond which was much appreciated, on such a sensitive matter for the client. Melanie really couldn’t have done more for the client.

Ms T from Solicitors instructing Melanie Mcintosh – March 2021

In relation to the service by Paul Tapsell and Arron Smith, I was extremely happy. Arron was very prompt and diligent from the clerking side and Paul was (as ever) swift to deal, to the point in his written opinion and very effective in court. Additionally, he was not only willing but most eager to assist and spend time on a very late issue I raised even though the lateness was entirely my fault! I continue to regard Paul as a massively safe pair of hands.

Mr S from Solicitors Instructing Paul Tapsell – March 21

“I was very happy with the service from Christian, as was the client. Christian was very helpful in speaking to the client beforehand so that she felt comfortable and knew how things would work. He also promptly gave me feedback after the hearing by phone followed by a detailed attendance note, and was happy to clarify some additional points with me afterwards too.

I was very pleased and impressed with the service and level of communication, and I would certainly instruct Christian again.”

Ms T from Solicitors Instructing Christian Fox – February 21

“Thank you so much for all the hours put in to this case and for keeping in touch with the client and supporting her. Really very much appreciated.”

Ms S from Solicitors Instructing Sandria Murkin – January 21

“The experience I received was excellent both from the clerking team (and it always is) and Louisa.

Louisa was very impressive. Her knowledge of the case and the law was very thorough. We had a conference and Louisa combined professionalism with a friendly manner with the client. The Position Statement was clear and hit the main points succinctly. In terms of the attention to detail and the time spent drafting the Order at the end of the Hearing, Louisa made sure that the client and I were kept involved throughout. I would thoroughly recommend Louisa.”

Mr P Instructing Louisa Adamson – January 21

“Thank you again for your help – Mr W is happy with your representation and has described you as “brilliant and impressive”, which I totally agree with.”

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Nicole Jennings – January 21

“Christian Fox was wonderful, excellent all-round. Everything went according to plan and he was very prompt in sending across his note from the hearing.
Should I require his assistance again, I will definitely look to instruct him again “

Ms S from Solicitors Instructing Christian Fox – December 20

“Thank you for your help and work you have put into my case….. you will never know how much I do appreciate it you saved my family home which my children can now grow up in.
You were unbelievably professional and it was amazing to see how you picked them apart which such coolness and made me hold my nerve.”

Mr C Instructing Christopher Wall through Solicitors – December 20

“I will say as usual both my client and I found Philip extremely well prepped, direct and honest in his advice and sympathetic to my client’s particular unique set of circumstances.

My client and indeed I were more than satisfied with Philip’s representation  and clearly I would not hesitate to continue to instruct him on matters, both in relation to children and finances.”

Ms S from Solicitors Instructing Philip Newton – November 20

“I was very pleased with Christian’s representation of my client and the outcome of the hearing. The order was well drafted and the client was pleased with Christian and the final order.”

Ms V from Solicitors Instructing Christian Fox – November 20

“Ms Carter provided a great service to our client. Ms Carter’s communication with me was also great before and during the hearing.”

Ms T from Solicitors instructing Jane Carter – November 20

“The client was very pleased with Christian, and despite his junior years felt he did a really good job- she felt comfortable with him which his huge as she is a very vulnerable client.”

Ms R from Solicitors Instructing Christian Fox – November 20

“Clive was great, took the bull by the horns and dealt with the matter with autonomy.”

Mr M from Solicitors Instructing Clive Styles – November 20

“Melanie’s representation, updates & client care went above & beyond. My client & I were very happy with all her hard work & efforts.”

Ms T from Solicitors Instructing Melanie McIntosh – November 20

“Position statement was very good and thorough and Samuel was excellent, both on his feet and with client.”

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Samuel Davis – November 20

“I have only praise for Mr Worwood. He received the brief late and did an exemplary job. He was also diligent, good with the clients and accommodating of a request for a pre-hearing con with the clients technically outside his brief. His attendance note was very thorough…”

Mr S from Solicitors Instructing Allen Worwood – November 20

“I was represented by John Nee for a child arrangement hearing and I am very pleased with his services. He has a forensic mind, is a tenacious cross-examiner and pleasant to boot. It was a joy watching John Nee in action. I am so grateful for his hard work and professionalism.”

Ms O Instructing John Nee through Solicitors – November 20

“The client appreciates all you have done for her and was extremely impressed with how you presented her case and managed the hearing etc”

Ms S from Solicitors Instructing Edward Kenny – September 20

“Please can you pass on my thanks and appreciation to Mr Newton for his continued excellent work on my case. I really do feel confident that I know the children and I are in the best hands with him. He is fighting extremely well for our best interests, with what is an incredibly difficult situation for us. He has a great way of ensuring my voice and concerns are listened to by the court, something of which I don’t believe I could achieve on my own.”

Ms W Instructing Philip Newton through the DPA scheme – August 20