“Thank you again for your help – Mr W is happy with your representation and has described you as “brilliant and impressive”, which I totally agree with.”

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Nicole Jennings – January 21

“Christian Fox was wonderful, excellent all-round. Everything went according to plan and he was very prompt in sending across his note from the hearing.
Should I require his assistance again, I will definitely look to instruct him again “

Ms S from Solicitors Instructing Christian Fox – December 20

“Thank you for your help and work you have put into my case….. you will never know how much I do appreciate it you saved my family home which my children can now grow up in.
You were unbelievably professional and it was amazing to see how you picked them apart which such coolness and made me hold my nerve.”

Mr C Instructing Christopher Wall through Solicitors – December 20

“I will say as usual both my client and I found Philip extremely well prepped, direct and honest in his advice and sympathetic to my client’s particular unique set of circumstances.

My client and indeed I were more than satisfied with Philip’s representation  and clearly I would not hesitate to continue to instruct him on matters, both in relation to children and finances.”

Ms S from Solicitors Instructing Philip Newton – November 20

“I was very pleased with Christian’s representation of my client and the outcome of the hearing. The order was well drafted and the client was pleased with Christian and the final order.”

Ms V from Solicitors Instructing Christian Fox – November 20

“Ms Carter provided a great service to our client. Ms Carter’s communication with me was also great before and during the hearing.”

Ms T from Solicitors instructing Jane Carter – November 20

“The client was very pleased with Christian, and despite his junior years felt he did a really good job- she felt comfortable with him which his huge as she is a very vulnerable client.”

Ms R from Solicitors Instructing Christian Fox – November 20

“Clive was great, took the bull by the horns and dealt with the matter with autonomy.”

Mr M from Solicitors Instructing Clive Styles – November 20

“Melanie’s representation, updates & client care went above & beyond. My client & I were very happy with all her hard work & efforts.”

Ms T from Solicitors Instructing Melanie McIntosh – November 20

“Position statement was very good and thorough and Samuel was excellent, both on his feet and with client.”

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Samuel Davis – November 20

“I have only praise for Mr Worwood. He received the brief late and did an exemplary job. He was also diligent, good with the clients and accommodating of a request for a pre-hearing con with the clients technically outside his brief. His attendance note was very thorough…”

Mr S from Solicitors Instructing Allen Worwood – November 20

“I was represented by John Nee for a child arrangement hearing and I am very pleased with his services. He has a forensic mind, is a tenacious cross-examiner and pleasant to boot. It was a joy watching John Nee in action. I am so grateful for his hard work and professionalism.”

Ms O Instructing John Nee through Solicitors – November 20

“The client appreciates all you have done for her and was extremely impressed with how you presented her case and managed the hearing etc”

Ms S from Solicitors Instructing Edward Kenny – September 20

“Please can you pass on my thanks and appreciation to Mr Newton for his continued excellent work on my case. I really do feel confident that I know the children and I are in the best hands with him. He is fighting extremely well for our best interests, with what is an incredibly difficult situation for us. He has a great way of ensuring my voice and concerns are listened to by the court, something of which I don’t believe I could achieve on my own.”

Ms W Instructing Philip Newton through the DPA scheme – August 20

“I would like to thank him for all his work he has done so far and has helped tremendously. I cant thank him enough.”

Ms G Instructing Christopher Wall through DPA Scheme – May 20

“Miss Coates was professional, yet approachable. She had a sharp ability to home in on the important issues in what was a sea of information. She explained matters to me in a sensitive, but clear way and I am just so pleased at the relief her clarity on the case has brought to me.”

Ms V Instructing Holly Coates through the DPA Scheme – April 20

“A note of thanks for me personally and corporately, from the team

last week began from a position of intransigence and had the potential to be unresolvable – as evidenced by the mediators apprehension.

While the spirit of mediation underpinned the day, the advice and guidance offered by yourself and our excellent barrister were invaluable.

And of course there is no doubt that the outcome was excellent.”

Mr M Instructing John Nee through Solicitors – March 20

“Melanie was fantastic in her role, and very reassuring in what was, as you can imagine, a very stressful situation.  I felt so much better once she arrived at court and took charge of the situation! It was also useful to have the same barrister throughout the court appearances as she understood the case completely. She took a ‘no nonsense’ approach and was completely fixed on getting the right result, which she did. This, again, was very reassuring.”

Ms F from Solicitors Instructing Melanie McIntosh – March 2020

“I was very happy with the work Christopher did for us and the effort he put in, it was a long day. The client was also happy with the representation and I look forward to working with Chris again in the future.”

Ms T from Solicitors Instructing Christopher Wall – February 2020

“The client sent me an email thanking us for everything and saying that you were ‘wonderful’.  I echo that sentiment. This was a  difficult case and had gone on for a very long time. I am very happy that it settled so favourably.”

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Jane Carter – February 2020

“She was fantastic – client was very happy with Cara’s representation and her client care.”




Ms T from Solicitors Instructing Cara Radford – January 20

“Both my client and myself were happy with the service provided by Dean Thistle and Beckett chambers. Dean was well prepared , he approached  the case with kindness and fairness.”




Ms R from Solicitors Instructing Dean Thistle – December 19

“The service received from Counsel and the Clerks Room was very good, especially as documents were served at short notice, including the Bundles for the hearings, the second bundle index was initially incomplete and there was much “last minute” paperwork for the Clerks Room to pass on and for Counsel to read. Counsel was at court for longer than expected at both hearings, yet was able to report back to me and deal with what was a somewhat fraught and emotional matter in a very professional way.”

Ms R from Solicitors Instructing John Nee – December 19

“As always, service from Nicole Jennings has been exemplary.”

Ms O from Solicitors Instructing Nicole Jennings – December 19

“In terms of Louisa, everything was fantastic thank you.

The client was very happy and I received an extremely detailed Attendance Note and a copy of the Typed Order straight after the hearing.

Both myself and the client was very happy and Louisa has been retained for the next hearing.”

Ms K from Solicitors Instructing Louisa Adamson – December 19

“I am very happy with Chambers, I have used your Counsel on a number of different matters and the service has always been very good.

Cara has been fantastic, I have instructed her on a few other matters. Client feedback has been very positive and Cara has been booked for further hearings on these matters. I am very happy with Cara and Chambers as a whole and looking forward to keeping up a great relationship in the New Year.”

Mr H from Solicitors Instructing Cara Radford – December 19

“Thank you for your email.  Lavinia Glover was very helpful and I confirm we were very happy with her assistance with this matter.  Lavinia communicated very well with both myself and the client and was a great sounding board for advice.

No further assistance is required at this point.  Thank you”

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Lavinia Glover – December 19

“I was more than happy with Jane thank you! She was clearly professional, client was very happy and I was more than happy with the note and after care I received, couldn’t get a better review from me right now to be completely honest.”


Mr L from Solicitors Instructing Jane Carter – December 19

“In terms of feedback, Sophie was fantastic on this matter and achieved a wonderful result.

There were a few complex issues with this case in particular with the client. Sophie dealt with these fantastically and was very clear to the client that changes were required by them.  Sophie approached the issues professionally and gained the client’s trust and respect.

A fantastic overall approach.

I would have no hesitation in instruction Sophie again.”

Ms K from Solicitors Instructing Sophie Gray – December 19

“My client was very pleased with the service received from Counsel. She was very helpful and provided a prompt attendance note following the hearing.”

Ms W from Solicitors Instructing Melanie Andrews – December 19

“I was very happy with Dean in the matter, he got to grips with the issues quickly and was helpful and pleasant to work with.”

Ms N from Solicitors Instructing Dean Thistle – December 19

“Ed has been very helpful on this matter and there is nothing more I could have asked for, service wise, from either the clerks or Ed.”

Ms S from Solicitors instructing Edward Kenny – December 19

“I confirm that everything that was dealt with in respect of the case you have mentioned was excellent and efficient. The client has only positive things to say about John.”

Mr H from Solicitors Instructing John Nee – December 19

“Mr Newton I’m not sure the following words really do justice to my appreciation of your hardwork over the last 18 months.Thank you so much for your guidance,encouragement and support in my case, I am immensely delighted with the outcome.”

Ms J Instructing Philip Newton through Solicitors – November 19

“I am pleased to confirm my complete satisfaction with Paul Tapsell’s dealings. I have always received an excellent service from Counsels instructed and from the Clerks’ room.”


Ms O from Solicitors Instructing Paul Tapsell – December 19

“I would also like to thank Mr Wall so, if you could pass my gratitude on to him then that would be wonderful.  He was very fair and gave me a real feeling of confidence.  I will definitely be recommending the both of you to any acquaintances needing help in this field!

As you may know, the case was settled and the court order all signed.  There will be a little more paperwork to do with transfer of the property etc and I would like to hope that I can still use your services for this?”


Mr S Instructing Christopher Wall through Solicitors – December 19

“I was very pleased with the work undertaken by Chambers and Counsel. Counsel provided me with the outcome very quickly and did a superb job.”

Mr H from Solicitors Instructing Philip Newton – December 19

“I was very impressed with Jane. I found her to be very approachable and I was very satisfied with the outcome of the Hearing.

You may wish to pass onto Jane that the client thought she was “excellent” and was equally impressed.”

Mr K from Solicitors Instructing Jane Carter – November 19

“I spoke with the client last night and he was singing your praises. He said you were excellent. I too am delighted with the result and would like to thank you for your guidance and support throughout this matter as it has been invaluable.”

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Jane Carter – November 19

“This is perfect! Thank you for being able to settle this case so well too, I knew you could do it.”

Ms N from Solicitors Instructing Jane Carter – November 19

“In the meantime, I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance on this matter. Mr K was incredibly grateful to you for your hard work and stated that he could not praise you highly enough. He also said that he would happily recommend you to anyone in the same situation as his case and that you were a calming influence!”

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Gayle Ashley – October 19

“Thank you for doing such an excellent job yesterday. I very much appreciated your concise briefing and support… and of course your expert handling of all the last minute twists and turns in the case.  “

Ms C Instructing Rachel Baker through Solicitors – September 19