Mrs H from Solicitors Instructing Gayle Ashley – May 2021

I would like to say that I cannot express my gratitude enough to Gayle for all her help.


Gayle’s professionalism and patience were truly outstanding. She was so kind, compassionate, focused, respectful, and dedicated to my case and I felt she left no stone unturned. She acted with integrity, listened to my instructions, and worked so hard for the benefit of my son and me.


Although I was legally aided, this had no bearing on how Gayle dealt with my case, and I felt she cared about the outcome and always remained professional. She went above and beyond to get the best outcome for my son and myself.


Gayle’s profile on her chamber’s website stood out to me when I was selecting representation. I am so very thankful I chose Gayle to represent me. I would highly recommend her.