Jane Carter

2001 (Inner Temple)

Date of call

2001 (Inner Temple)


LLB (Hons)


Inner Temple
Family Law bar Association

Jane is a specialist in divorce and matrimonial finance. She joined chambers in 2018, bringing with her a wealth of experience in all areas of family law gained over 20 years providing expert advice and representation to clients dealing with divorce and relationship breakdown.

She now specialises in financial remedies for divorcing spouses, dealing with complex cases involving high net worth individuals, family businesses and pensions. Jane also has experience and a good understanding of the difficulties of small to medium net worth cases and is sensitive to the issues when money is tight.

She can advise and give practical help if you wish to take steps to protect your assets prior to marriage or purchasing a property with your partner.

Having spent a number of years practicing at the employed bar, her period as an in-house barrister gave her an excellent understanding of solicitors’ needs, enabling her to work particularly effectively with them and their clients.

She is very aware of the process that her clients will be going through personally; in particular, in high conflict cases, and can provide advice and support in these scenarios. Due to the complex nature of the assets involved in many of her cases, including business holdings and investments, Jane’s clients also frequently find her understanding of the more commercial aspects of legal work to be reassuring.

Jane is a clear thinker and brings an objective view to a case together with the attention to detail and communication skills needed to successfully represent her clients in and outside of court. She takes a pragmatic approach to help avoid a protracted dispute and reach an agreement quickly.

When this is not possible, she has a proven track record of being a strong advocate in court, prepared to fight her clients’ corner when necessary.

Jane is also direct access qualified and can work directly with clients. With her wealth of experience, she is fully aware of what the day -to day management of your case involves and can provide as much guidance and support as needed.

Jane has over 20 years’ experience of advising and representing clients in the family courts in all areas of financial remedies following marriage or relationship breakdown.

Her financial remedies practice encompasses the full range of areas including:

  • both high net worth and small money cases;

  • business and partnership assets;

  • non-disclosure issues;

  • freezing Injunctions;

  • non matrimonial property;

  • interim remedies;

  • enforcement;

  • disputes between cohabitants under TOLATA,

Having represented many clients in high-conflict situations, she is experienced at dealing with intractable disputes. Her pragmatic approach often helps her clients to reach an agreement quickly and to avoid a protracted dispute.

Where this is not possible, Jane has a proven track record of being a strong advocate in court, prepared to fight her client’s corner and achieve a favourable outcome.

Jane also advises on Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements.

The client sent me an email thanking us for everything and saying that you were ‘wonderful’.  I echo that sentiment. This was a  difficult case and had gone on for a very long time. I am very happy that it settled so favourably.

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Jane Carter

Ms Carter provided a great service to our client. Ms Carter’s communication with me was also great before and during the hearing.

Ms T from Solicitors instructing Jane Carter

I just wanted to say that Jane was beyond awesome on this case. She was incredible under circumstances that were far less than perfect. Every one of my clients that have met her give brilliant feedback and she always makes them feel very comfortable.

Solicitors Instructing Jane Carter on a Finance Matter

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your exceptional services during my divorce proceedings...Your expertise and professionalism as a barrister were truly remarkable. You skilfully navigated an extremely difficult case, and the outcome exceeded my expectations. I want to wish you all the best in your career and hope that you continue to win as many cases as possible. Your dedication to your clients is evident, and I couldn't have asked for a better advocate during this challenging time.

Client instructing Jane Carter through solicitors

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