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Becket Chambers’ Family Law Team has a wealth of experience in all areas of Family Law, acting for divorcing or separating couples, parents, children (through Guardians) and wider family as well as representing local authorities in care cases. We understand the emotional impact that family law issues can have, and our barristers are sympathetic to our clients’ circumstances, and experienced in working with vulnerable people, as well as with highly sensitive issues such as abuse. Where injunctions are needed for you or your children’s protection, we offer a full service including out-of-hours emergency applications. Our experts in mediation, arbitration and collaborative law help to resolve matters out of court where possible, but we are there to fight your corner in court when needed.


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Children – Public Law

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Civil Partnership & Cohabitation Dispute

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Divorce & Matrimonial Finance

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Family Injunctions

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Private FDRs

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Private Law (Child Arrangements Programme (CAP))

Family Law Barristers

Our Family Law barristers are experts in all aspects of law covering children, matrimonial finance and property. We act for divorcing or separating couples, parents and other family and local authorities.

Melanie McIntosh image
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Melanie McIntosh

2002 (Lincolns Inn)

Ronald Edginton image
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Ronald Edginton

1984 (Grays Inn)

Philip Newton image
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Philip Newton

1984 (Middle Temple)

Christopher Wall image
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Christopher Wall

1987 (Lincolns Inn)

Sita Cox image
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Sita Cox

1987 (Middle Temple)

Corey Mills image
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Corey Mills

1987 (Middle Temple)

Clive Styles image
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Clive Styles

1990 (Grays Inn)

Marie Crawford image
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Marie Crawford

1992 (Lincolns Inn)

Louisa Adamson image
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Louisa Adamson

1994 (Grays Inn)

Jane Carter image
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Jane Carter

2001 (Inner Temple)

Gayle Ashley image
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Gayle Ashley

1997 (Middle Temple)

Melanie Andrews image
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Melanie Andrews

2005 (Middle Temple)

Daniel Hooker image
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Daniel Hooker

2008 (Middle Temple)

Edward Kenny image
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Edward Kenny

2009 (Middle Temple)

Adrian Pidduck image
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Adrian Pidduck

July 2012 (Middle Temple) (previously solicitor admitted 1996)

Michael Batt image
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Michael Batt

2012 (Middle Temple)

Sophie Gray image
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Sophie Gray

2012 (Lincolns Inn)

Lavinia Glover image
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Lavinia Glover

2015 (Inner Temple)

Cara Radford image
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Cara Radford

2016 (Gray’s Inn)

Nicole Jennings image
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Nicole Jennings

2016 (Middle Temple)

Allen Worwood image
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Allen Worwood

October 2019 (Inner Temple)

Nathanael Harding image
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Nathanael Harding

2015 (Middle Temple)

Magdalena Cass image
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Magdalena Cass

2019 (Middle Temple)

Fiona Brown image
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Fiona Brown

2022 (Inner Temple)

Neive Augustin - Pupil image
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Neive Augustin - Pupil

2021 (Gray’s Inn)

Jonathan Brooks - Pupil image
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Jonathan Brooks - Pupil

2018 (Gray’s Inn)


"You were amazing, thank you so much. You are seriously worth your weight in gold… I will definitely be using your services again."

Ms V Instructing Clive Styles through DPA scheme

"Thank you such much for your help in this case. The client is delighted with the outcome and thought you were amazing."

Ms R from Solicitors instructing Edward Kenny – June 22

"Lavinia was fantastic! The client was very happy and praised her approach. Please thank her again on my behalf & we will be sure to send her further work."

Miss M from solicitors instructing Lavinia Glover

"That’s amazing, thank you for doing a great job. Client is over the moon."

Miss M from solicitors instructing Corey Mills

"Just a note to say she’s been fab on my case, I’ve been in contact more than I usually would as the client very vulnerable, and Cara looked after her brilliantly and with care."

Miss H from solicitors instructing Cara Radford

"Very happy today thank you.....Barrister was great, listened to me and put forward what he needed to."

Client instructing Chris Wall through Solicitors - July 23