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Our specialist barristers in matrimonial and family finance help divorcing couples to resolve a wide range of financial disputes, welcoming instructions whether there are modest or high-value, complex assets.


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The Family Finance team at Becket Chambers specialises in matrimonial and family finance. We welcome enquiries whether the assets are modest (i.e. solely the family home) or high value, involving multiple properties and assets, businesses and overseas property.

Our Divorce and Matrimonial Finance barristers have considerable experience in dealing with injunctions to prevent property or assets being disposed of, cases where family businesses are involved, trusts, and of circumstances where someone other than you and your spouse has (or claims to have) an interest in your property. We also have considerable experience in dealing with injunctive relief and cases involving an international dimension.

These cases naturally often involve our barristers in ensuring that there is sufficient financial provision made to ensure that your children and the parent they live with are able to afford a suitable home – whilst also ensuring that the other parent can afford to move on.


Our Family Finance barristers have particular expertise in:

  • Fair division of your assets following separation
  • Financial orders for children
  • Transfer of tenancies
  • Cases involving companies, partnerships or trusts
  • Inherited wealth or wealth that was acquired before you got married
  • Family property rights on insolvency
  • Cases involving assets acquired by gift or loan from third parties, e.g your friends or family

We also have expertise in related financial applications such as:

  • Schedule I of the Children Act 1989
  • Providing advice on calculations under the Child Support Act 1991
  • Applications under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975
  • Applications under the Married Women’s Property Act 1882

The team has experience and expertise of appearing in courts at all levels within the Family Court.
We also undertake and act for clients in cohabitee disputes. Several members of the team are qualified mediators.


Timescales for your case may vary depending on factors such as barristers’ availability, the complexity of your case, the need for additional documents, courts availability and the level of engagement from the other party. However, as a guide, more straightforward cases tend to have a hearing date listed within four to six months of a claim being issued.

Becket Chambers Family Law barristers are available on a Direct Access basis.


Divorce and Matrimonial Barristers

Our Family Law barristers are experts in all aspects of law covering children, matrimonial finance and property. We act for divorcing or separating couples, parents and other family and local authorities.

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Melanie McIntosh

2002 (Lincolns Inn)

Philip Newton image
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Philip Newton

1984 (Middle Temple)

Sita Cox image
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Sita Cox

1987 (Middle Temple)

Christopher Wall image
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Christopher Wall

1987 (Lincolns Inn)

Clive Styles image
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Clive Styles

1990 (Grays Inn)

Gayle Ashley image
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Gayle Ashley

1997 (Middle Temple)

Jane Carter image
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Jane Carter

2001 (Inner Temple)

Daniel Hooker image
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Daniel Hooker

2008 (Middle Temple)

Edward Kenny image
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Edward Kenny

2009 (Middle Temple)

Sophie Gray image
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Sophie Gray

2012 (Lincolns Inn)

Nicole Jennings image
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Nicole Jennings

2016 (Middle Temple)

Allen Worwood image
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Allen Worwood

October 2019 (Inner Temple)

Magdalena Cass image
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Magdalena Cass

2019 (Middle Temple)

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Fiona Brown

2022 (Inner Temple)

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Jonathan Brooks - Pupil

2018 (Gray’s Inn)

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Neive Augustin - Pupil

2021 (Gray’s Inn)


"Thank you again for your support within the hearing today, I am very grateful for your professionalism and it has been refreshing to be heard and for someone to be able to fight for me, instead of having to fight for the children myself- with no legal background, expertise, or knowledge at all!"

Client instructing Edward Kenny through Solicitors in Children Proceedings

"Just like to say thank you to you and Nathanael for all your hard work so far with my court case hearing."

Client instructing Nathanael Harding through solicitors

"Sita is outstanding. I can always rely on her to go above and beyond on every case I instruct her on."

Miss G from solicitors instructing Sita Cox

"That’s amazing, thank you for doing a great job. Client is over the moon."

Miss M from solicitors instructing Corey Mills

"Just a note to say she’s been fab on my case, I’ve been in contact more than I usually would as the client very vulnerable, and Cara looked after her brilliantly and with care."

Miss H from solicitors instructing Cara Radford

"Very happy today thank you.....Barrister was great, listened to me and put forward what he needed to."

Client instructing Chris Wall through Solicitors - July 23