Nicole Jennings

July 2016 (Middle Temple)

Date of call

July 2016 (Middle Temple)


Law LLB (Hons) (2:1), University of East Anglia
BPTC (VC), BPP Law School


Family Law Bar Association

Nicole has a busy and varied practice, welcoming instructions for representation and paperwork across many aspects of family and civil law. She was ranked as a rising star in the Legal 500 for 2024.

She has a thriving practice in private children matters (including Schedule 1), and has acted for parents, extended family members and guardians, including in complex multi-day matters.

Nicole has successfully represented clients throughout the financial remedy process, including preliminary issue and final hearings, and particularly welcomes more clients in this area.

She frequently represents both individuals and companies in small claims, fast-track hearings and disposal hearings. She has experience in contract disputes, trusts of land (TOLATA), property/land disputes, probate, and condemnation proceedings.

Nicole understands that legal proceedings can be daunting and prides herself on her client care. She always makes sure that she fully explains procedures and the options available to the court. After a hearing, she takes time to go through the hearing, the order and next steps, and to answer her client’s questions.

She is a good listener, and her clients compliment her on her personable approach; listening to their concerns, letting them know that she understands their situation and making them feel comfortable.

Nicole has experience in drafting legal documents at various stages of proceedings in both family and civil matters advising on the merits of potential action or prospects of success in proceedings, and is able to digest large amounts of information and provide succinct, realistic and accessible advice.

Before joining Becket Chambers, Nicole was part of an in-house legal team at one of the leading global media companies in London working on international contracts throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. This enabled her to develop sharp negotiation skills and hone balancing a client’s legal and commercial needs in difficult and confrontational scenarios.

She is passionate about working with vulnerable clients, and has volunteered with many pro bono projects, including The Family Advice Scheme, The Norfolk Community Law Service (Domestic Abuse Team), and the BPP Pro Bono Unit. Nicole continues to volunteer at the Kent Law Clinic helping those with limited access to legal advice.

Nicole regularly represents parents, other family members (including grandparents) and guardians at any stage of proceedings from the First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment through to final hearings, including fact-finding hearings. Her experience includes complex multi-day hearings, as well as non-molestation orders and occupation orders for her clients and their children, either in urgent situations (and often where little evidence is available) or where there is notice.

It is important to Nicole that her clients are well represented and have confidence in their representation when dealing with issues concerning their family. She understands the stresses involved, and how important the final decision is, and works hard to ensure that her clients fully understand each stage of proceedings.

There is often opportunity for negotiation to agree a final order and avoid a final hearing. Where possible, she works with her clients to achieve an agreed order which is both workable and in the best interests of the children.

Nicole prides herself on her empathetic approach whilst remaining practical and pragmatic about potential outcomes.

She works sensitively with vulnerable clients, including people with learning difficulties and victims of domestic abuse of all kinds, including controlling and coercive behaviour. She has worked with people whose experiences have resulted in them moving to a refuge. She is familiar with participation guidance (Part 3A and Practice Direction 3AA) and has successfully completed the FLBA ‘Advocacy and the Vulnerable’ training course.

She also works with clients who have been accused – whether falsely or not – of abuse.

She is highly aware of how difficult domestic situations can be, and that legal proceedings are unfamiliar territory for most people. She deals sensitively with people in this situation, and is adept at guiding her clients through potential scenarios, giving them time to absorb information.

Nicole is highly competent at reviewing written evidence, audio and video files, and her case experience includes large bundles of over 5,000 pages.

Nicole is up-to-date with new legal requirements for cross-examination of victims of domestic abuse.
Nicole is building a busy practice in financial remedies for divorcing couples. She also has experience of proceedings where TOLATA interplays with financial remedy matters (for example where one party’s parents own a share of the matrimonial home).

She is sensitive to the emotional circumstances of these cases, as well as the practical implications for her clients. She takes a practical and pragmatic approach, which helps her to achieve her aim of finding a solution which benefits her client even in cases where the assets involved are not large.

She welcomes instructions throughout the process, from FDAs and FDRs to preliminary issue hearings and contested final hearings.

As well as managing her busy practice, Nicole is dedicated to keeping herself and others up-to-date with developments and guidance. She is the author of several articles and delivers CPD webinars on financial remedy proceedings to solicitors to help them familiarise themselves with changes.
Nicole welcomes instructions from clients in matters involving TOLATA. Whether the parties involved are keen to reach agreement about ownership of property, or whether the argument is more complex and her client needs robust representation in court, she is adept at managing and negotiating complex arguments.

Nicole understands how these proceedings can escalate, often driven by the emotional aspects of the situation, and is keen with help her clients avoid running up huge legal bills where possible.

With this in mind she encourages people to contact her for legal advice as early as possible – before starting proceedings – so that she can advise them on the law, and the documents and information needed. Wherever possible she will help clients to resolve the issue without the need for the financial and emotional burden of court proceedings.

She frequently accepts instruction in cases where TOLATA overlaps with family law and may involve partners who are cohabiting and also have children.
Nicole welcomes instructions for drafting and/or representation involving claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependants) Act 1975, including disputes over the validity of wills, the construction of wills, trusts and the beneficial ownership of property.

She also acts for clients in matters where someone has died intestate (without a will) or where there are issues of testamentary capacity.

Nicole is highly aware of how easily matters involving estates and wills can cause family arguments and rifts, and how quickly this can escalate into costly court proceedings.

She takes a pragmatic approach to resolving matters – before they get to court where possible – and is adept at managing complex arguments with the aim of reaching a settlement which is agreeable to everyone involved. However, where this is not possible, she is a forceful advocate for her clients.
Nicole welcomes instruction from clients across a range of contract and commercial law disputes, including breach of contract, fraud and building disputes.

She will advise her clients on the merits of a potential dispute, taking a pragmatic approach towards making sure that they understand the law involved, the evidence needed, the likely outcome and the potential costs.

Her aim is always to achieve the best possible outcome for her client, whilst helping them to avoid unnecessary or unproductive expense.

Where a case does need to go to court, she will provide expert representation, and her thorough preparation, attention to detail and ability to analyse and summarise complex information help her to achieve positive outcomes.

Thank you Nicole.  Great work – the client is very, very happy. 

Mrs E from Solicitors Instructing Nicole Jennings

Thank you for your gargantuan efforts – having spent plenty of time on the telephone reassuring the client, I think you have done a sterling job.

Solicitors Instructing Nicole Jennings for a Financial Dispute Resolution

Thank you again for your help – Mr W is happy with your representation and has described you as “brilliant and impressive”, which I totally agree with.

Ms B from Solicitors Instructing Nicole Jennings

Nicole who represented me was really brilliant within the hearings so thank you for having her involved and having her return to do the hearings with me.

Client instructing Nicole Jennings through Solicitors

My client was very happy with the support and advice offered by Nicole hence he has booked her for the final hearing in August. I have to say, I always appreciate how helpful Nicole is and how forthcoming she is with checking over documents and offering support throughout a matter, which is why I enjoy booking her as we can work better as a team this way.

Miss M from solicitors instructing Nicole Jennings

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