Lavinia Glover

2015 (Inner Temple)

Lavinia joined Chambers in 2015, and focuses her practice on private child and injunctions under the Family Act. She frequently represents vulnerable clients, and acts for clients in emergency non-molestation applications.

Lavinia represents both applicants and respondents at First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointments though to the Final Hearing.

She is known for her ability to put clients at ease with her personal and professional approach, and is highly competent in both processing large amounts of information and explaining it to her clients in a clear and concise way.

She has a natural empathy, and her calm and non-judgemental approach helps to put people at ease even when they are dealing will particularly difficult circumstances such as allegations of abuse.

She works with people from a multitude of different socio-economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and has experience of working with translators. She is highly aware of the cultural differences which can affect people’s views of the rights of parents, put pressure on someone not to leave an abusive relationship, or make people reluctant to report serious issues to the police.

She has a natural ability to empathise with people’s circumstances and to build trust and open communication, even where cultural differences make this particularly challenging for her clients.

Lavinia is committed to establishing a diverse practice, and she is the Equality and Diversity Officer for Chambers.

In her spare time, when not with her young family, Lavinia helps to run her local branch of the Teenage Cancer Trust, organising fundraising events.

Lavinia specialises in working with parents – who may be either the applicant or respondent – in private children law cases, welcoming instructions in general family matters and frequently representing clients in emergency non-molestation applications. She works particularly with clients where there have been allegations of psychological or emotional abuse.

She has represented several fathers in cases where contact with their children has stopped, and where there were allegations of sexual abuse, domestic violence or assault. She understands the impact that these allegations can have, and has experience of representing clients in cases where the allegations were subsequently shown to be false or malicious.

She is particularly interested in cases involving allegations of psychological or emotional abuse – for example, cases involving manipulative relationships, including coercive control or gaslighting. She also has particular experience of representing clients where false allegations have been made. Her natural empathy, and her understanding of the challenges of parenting young children, gives her the ability to quickly gain her clients’ trust.

Sometimes, clients are embarrassed to talk about their own behaviour, and Lavinia’s calm, non-judgemental approach enables them to trust her enough to work together.

"Firstly I just want you to know say a massive thank you for appointing Miss Glover for Wednesday, she was absolutely brilliant!! I would recommend her to everyone."

Miss C from solicitors, instructing Lavinia Glover

Lavinia was great. I found her very helpful and so did the client. I will instruct her again in the future.

Miss H from solicitors instructing Lavinia Glover

Lavinia was fantastic! The client was very happy and praised her approach. Please thank her again on my behalf & we will be sure to send her further work.

Miss M from solicitors instructing Lavinia Glover

I am writing to express and acknowledge your total professionalism in representing me at the last hearing. I would like to thank you for being thorough in reading and following the large bundle, again my experience , is that , nobody actually has the time or resources to do that. It is total credit to you , that you do your work absolute thoroughly and in my view , at the top level of professionalism. Please continue with your great work that will help families and children.

Client instructing Lavinia Glover through solicitors

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