Adrian Pidduck

Adrian was admitted as a solicitor in 1996, his practice primarily relating to proceedings in respect of children.

Adrian was a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Children Panel from 1999 until he transferred to the Bar in 2012.

His practice at the Bar has continued almost exclusively in respect of cases concerning children (public law and private law).

He has appeared at all levels of the Family Courts (including the Court of Appeal).

He prides himself on his ability to form a rapport with his clients and has received a great deal of positive feedback regarding his manner and his client care skills.

As a previous solicitor, and being qualified to undertake Direct Public Access work, Adrian has extensive experience of taking instructions directly from the public.

Public Law Children

Adrian regularly represents parents, children (usually through their Guardians) and relatives in public law proceedings.

He has appeared in cases involving very serious injuries to children (including brain injuries, fractures and bruising) and involving allegations of sexual abuse.

He has appeared in a number of cases involving families from other jurisdictions, including a number of reported cases involving Eastern European families.

He regularly represents parents with cognitive limitations and significant mental health issues, and has extensive experience of working with intermediaries and representing parents through the Official Solicitor.

Articles by Adrian Pidduck

Adrian Pidduck's Testimonials for Public Law Children

“As always, we were very pleased that we had instructed Mr Pidduck. He always gives good feedback, supports the client and follows their instructions and is always superbly prepared.”

Miss S from solicitors instructing Adrian Pidduck – Oct 23

“I wanted to say a very big thankyou to you, for all your hard work and help. I always found you very reassuring, your advice and guidance was very welcome. You listened to me and made me feel like I could trust you, which was particularly difficult during our case. Thanks to you and the efforts of those involved, myself and my children can remain together, for that there are not enough words or gratitude. I will always be so very grateful for all that you did for us.”

Ms R Instructing Adrian Pidduck through Solicitors – Mar 23

“Thank you so much Adrian …. and thank you for your advice, representation and support throughout. Superb. A very good outcome to a very tricky case.”

Miss S from Solicitors instructing Adrian Pidduck – March 23

Children - Private Law (CAP)

Adrian regularly represents parents and children (through their R 16.4 Guardians) in private law proceedings.

He has also represented grandparents and other relatives in respect of applications for child arrangements orders.

His practice includes cases involving allegations of physical, sexual or emotional abuse. He regularly conducts fact-finding hearings, including cases involving serious allegations between the parents and relating to the children

His practice includes cases involving allegations of parental alienation, and where all contact has ceased.

Adrian Pidduck's Testimonials for Children - Private Law (CAP)

“Spectacular advice so much appreciated!……. As ever Adrian, you’re spot on thank you so much again!”

Mr W instructing Adrian Pidduck through the Direct Access Scheme – November 23

“I have been very satisfied, as has the client, with Adrian’s professionalism and dedication when conducting this matter. Everything has been in order, and there is nothing more I could have expected.”

Miss L from solicitors instructing Adrian Pidduck – Oct 23