Permission to remove from the jurisdiction

Private Law (Child Arrangements Programme (CAP))

28 November 2023

Clive represented a Mother seeking the permission of the court to remove her children from the jurisdiction so that they could all go and live abroad permanently. The case was of huge importance to the client as it involved a plan for a complete change of lifestyle for her and the children. Clive advised his client in respect of the evidence that she would need to present to the court to support her application and he then represented her at a two- day contested hearing before a circuit judge. The application was strongly opposed by the children’s Father.

After hearing the evidence in the case and detailed submissions, the judge reserved his judgment. Pleasingly, his decision was that the Mother’s application should succeed, to the intense relief of Clive’s client. The case was a little unusual in that Clive arranged to meet his client for the first time whilst they were both on holiday in the country to which the client wanted to relocate.

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