Preventing a Father from removing a child from a Mother

Private Law (Child Arrangements Programme (CAP))

29 November 2023

Sophie represented a Mother involved in private child proceedings. The applicant Father sought a child arrangements order that the child live with him, and had raised a number of concerns against the Mother including emotional neglect and implacable hostility. He also raised a physical risk posed by the Mother’s ex-partner due to previous domestic violence within the relationship.

Sophie’s client had previously had three children removed into care, so the proceedings were particularly difficult for her. Understandably, hearings were fraught with tension.

This case demonstrated Sophie’s ability to deal with sensitive issues whilst also enabling her client to remain focused on the child’s welfare.

Sophie’s role within the case also involved dealing directly with the applicant Father, who appeared in person. Throughout proceedings, Sophie demonstrated professionalism conversing with the applicant Father and agreeing orders outside of Court.

Following the final hearing, the Court ordered that the child remain living with the Mother and a contact schedule was established for the Father in line with the Mother’s initial suggestions.

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