Representing a young and vulnerable first-time mother

Children – Public Law

29 November 2023

Marie represents a young and vulnerable first-time mother, who herself has grown up in care. The local authority removed her baby who was a few weeks old under a PPO and then an EPO as a result of an alleged domestic violent incident where the child suffered a minor injury, initially thought to be more serious. The local authority care plan was of separation of the mother from the child whilst assessments within the proceedings were ongoing.

Marie successfully argued that the mother should not be separated from her baby and persuaded the court that she should be allowed to be assessed whilst caring for the child full-time at a parent and baby foster placement.

The placement was successful and the mother was about to move into the community with the baby when there was an incident at the foster placement and the LA decided that they would no longer agree to assessment in the community and sought separation.

The court is still to determine what the interim position will be and whether the mother can remain with the baby until the final hearing.

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