Adoption plan enabling Mother to retain some contact

Sandria acted for a Mother who had been placed with her child in a Mother and Baby Placement, due to concerns that without some form of 24/7 support she would not be able to manage in the community.

Sandria’s client was without either accommodation or support from either the Father or the maternal family; who currently have a previous child living with them under an SGO, with the Mother having a high level of contact.

Due to the Mother’s a low level of cognitive awareness there were concerns about the her ability to be able to recognise and respond to the child’s developing needs without a high level of support. It was, however, confirmed that she had, at this point, capacity to give instructions.

The Local Authority claimed that the Mother refused to engage with professionals. However, the Court did not accept this, and there was some limited acceptance that, because of the Mother’s needs, work with her had not always been carried out as per expert assessment directions.

A Care Order was made with a plan for adoption, but with prospective adopters to consider an annual direct contact with the Mother and the half sibling.