Appealing fact-finding on behalf of a mother

Philip represented a mother in care proceedings that went on appeal from fact-finding decisions and then to a further final hearing.

He successfully appealed all the serious findings of fact made against the parents. In the final hearing, he further succeeded in obtaining a finding that the threshold criteria were not made out and that therefore no public law orders could be made.

The child was returned to Philip’s client and the appeal court expressed gratitude for the quality of the arguments presented. The final hearing Judge commented on the eloquence of the submissions made.

The instructing solicitor commented: Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the outcome and all your efforts on this case – everyone at our firm was very surprised to say the least about how this case turned out. A big thank you (I hope the client thanked you too). I’m quite sure we would have not got the result on this case had you not been instructed.”