Dispute over Sale of Family Home

Holly was instructed through the Direct Access scheme to represent a client who sought to sell the property that he owned with his former partner. The couple had separated a year previously and had a child together, who they both cared for. Holly first had a telephone conference with the client to explain how the proceeds of sale of the property would be shared between the couple, and then assisted him in drafting the claim form, which he sent to the court. Holly was on hand to give advice along the way, particularly when it became clear that the client’s former partner was not engaging in the court process. Holly represented the client at the first hearing, at which she was able to negotiate a settlement of the matter. This involved taking the client’s instructions and discussing proposals with the former partner, who was not represented. It was clear that both parties found the process stressful. After an agreement was reached to share the proceeds of sale of the property equally, Holly drafted the order and presented it to the judge. Holly successfully applied for the former partner to pay most of the client’s costs of bringing the matter to court.