Enforcement Notice against residential use of a log cabin and mobile home

Paul acted for the appellants at a Planning Inquiry challenging an Enforcement Notice against the construction and residential use of a log cabin and stationing of a mobile home by various members of an extended family.

He was required to analyse and deliver extensive evidence regarding the history and use of the site which had a chequered past involving previous planning enforcement action and neighbour disputes over many years. In addition the matter involved careful analysis of a variety of aerial photographs and site visit notes and of the statements and live evidence of witnesses to attempt to establish an accurate and comprehensive ‘time line’ for activities on the site over the years.

The case involved Paul’s expert knowledge of a number of issues, including the time limits for immunity from enforcement under section 171B Town and Country Planning Act 1990, the extent of permitted development (under the GPDO 1995), the changing nature, and extent, of the relevant planning unit(s) and the personal circumstances of the individuals occupying different parts of the site at various periods.