Helping a vulnerable Mother to act in her children’s best interests

Sandria represented a Mother who made an application to discharge care orders made on her eldest children several years ago.

In this case, the Mother has another child who was also represented in care proceedings, with a plan of eventual rehabilitation to the Mother’s care. The Mother was following recommendations, completing some courses and having weekly therapy/counselling and improving her mental health.

Nevertheless, the Local Authority and the Guardian were opposed to the application, considering it premature, and also taking into account the eldest child’s wish to remain with her long term foster carer.

Sandria’s concern was to ensure that the long-term needs of the children, as well as the Mother, were the main focus of the case. She worked with her client to advise her and develop her ability to gain insight into the wishes of her children. With Sandria’s sensitive and non-judgemental support, the Mother was able to consider and acknowledge her children’s best interests at this time, and she accepted the need to regularise her position in relation to her younger child and build on the progress she has already made.

As a result, the Mother withdrew her application. Her change in position enabled her to achieve better regularised contact arrangements to allow her to build up her relationship with the children for the future.