Marie Crawford represents the Father in Care Proceedings for a new born baby

Case Summary

Marie represents the father of a new born baby where the mother has had a number of children previously removed from her care. There are allegations of domestic violence, sexually inappropriate behaviour and substance misuse in relation to the parents.


The mother is going into a residential assessment with the baby, which the father supports. The parents are no longer together. He supports the mother caring for the child in the long term and is also going to be assessed as a carer, should the mother not be successfully assessed.

The father was considered to potentially be a sexual risk to children as a result of an allegation by the mother in the previous proceedings involving her older children, although no findings have ever been made and he had not been charged with any offences. He denies those allegations. He is being risk assessed.

He is having regular supervised contact with the baby


The mother is being placed in a residential assessment and assessments of the father are ongoing. The next hearing will be a further CMH.