Obstruction case dismissed with Claimants ordered to pay costs

Paul was instructed by the Defendant in a neighbourhood dispute where the Claimants claimed that the Defendant was running a car sales business in a residential area – storing, parking and selling cars and obstructing an alley to the rear of their property.

The Claimants relied on extensive photographic and video evidence and a range of screenshots of car advertisements for the Defendant’s business to demonstrate his activities and had incurred legal costs in excess of £47,000 for a matter listed as a ‘Fast Track’ (one day) trial claiming an injunction and damages of less than £10,000.

The Defendant had not initially ‘engaged’ with the court process, and finally instructed solicitors less than a month before the date fixed for the trial.

Paul’s detailed analysis of the evidence and cross-examination of the Claimants resulted in the Judge concluding that the Claimants had not established that the Defendant was responsible for any of the obstructions alleged. The claim was dismissed with the Claimants ordered to pay the Defendant’s costs of £8,600 (in addition to their own costs).