Representing a Mother concerned about safeguarding

Marie represented a Mother in a case where her former partner had stopped having contact with the children of his own accord for a significant period of time, but then made an unexpected application for contact. The children did not wish to see him, but it was agreed that if they did wish to see him they could see him at a supervised contact centre and the arranged could be reviewed later.

Marie’s client was concerned about safeguarding issues (relating to drugs and accommodation) and potential emotional harm the children had suffered. As a result a s.7 report was ordered and the case was listed for a Dispute Resolution Appointment (DRA)

However by time of the DRA the Father had only just arranged contact at the contact centre, and only one contact had taken place. The DRA was adjourned for a number of supervised contacts to take place and for Cafcass to file an addendum report on how contact had gone and the issue of drug use by the Father.