Representing a Mother concerned with allegations of sexual harm by Father

Marie represented a Mother in a case where there had been a fact finding hearing at which she was unrepresented, and none of the findings in relation to domestic abuse she sought against her former partner were found proved.

The Children have not seen their Father for some time, as the Mother’s position was that contact should be initially supervised and built up gradually. The Father to did not agree with this and so contact did not take place. There were concerns that the Mother was alienating the children from the Father.

A s.7 report was completed on the basis of the findings of the Court and supervised contact was recommended to take place at a Contact Centre and then to be reviewed by the Court.

At the DRA hearing, at which Marie represented the Mother, the Court and the Parties agreed the recommendations and the Court also appointed a Rule 16.4.Guardian to act on behalf of the children. The case will be reviewed after the sessions of supervised contact.