Representing a Mother with drug and mental health issues

Marie represented the Mother of a new born baby. The Mother’s other children had been removed from her care and she had drug and mental health issues. The older children were placed with their Father (who is separated from the Mother).

The baby was removed into foster care and an application was made for the Mother to go to a residential unit, or a Mother and Baby foster placement. A hearing had been listed for that application to be decided.

However, at the previous Court hearing, it was requested on behalf of the Mother that her case be considered to be transferred to the FDAC process, and the Local Authority were ordered to consider this. The case was accepted onto FDAC a week later and as a result the Mother engaged in those specialist services and an application for a residential assessment was no longer being made.

Unfortunately the Mother was unable to take advantage of the FDAC services in order to successfully deal with her drug and alcohol dependency, and the care plan for the baby changed to one of adoption. However, a family member came forward and an SGO assessment is on-going. If successful the baby would be placed with them rather than being placed for adoption. There will be a final hearing in relation to the baby in due course.

Final orders for CAO’s were made in relation to the older children who will remain living with their Father and have regular weekly contact with their Mother.