Representing a child wishing to remain in foster care

Sandria represented a child through a Guardian. The child had been in long term foster care following long term drug and alcohol issues relating to the Mother. The child’s Father was not available or able to act appropriately with the Mother, creating a highly toxic and acrimonious relationship.

The Mother was now fully rehabilitated and sought the return of the child to her care. However, the Father opposed this and sought a placement of the child with him.

The child, being mature beyond their years, and very articulate in putting forward their wishes and feelings, preferred to remain in long term foster care and to cut down direct contact.

Working with the child’s Guardian, Sandria promoted the child’s wishes and feelings to the Court, particularly considering expert advice that the child was suffering from attachment issues, and needed to remain in the current placement, with contact reduced to allow a secure attachment to form.

Sandria arranged and supported the child meeting with the Judge, and called the expert to give evidence regarding the need for her client to be able to form a secure attachment for future wellbeing, thus ensuring welfare and stability during the teenage and early adult years. Calling this evidence enabled the parents to re-consider their positions.